About the Company

In 2018 we have started HourCycles company (company registration is pending) to start the work of the international investment project, the goal of which is to get maximum profit growth, as well as further development of our team. It is no secret that currently, Bitcoin mining is incredibly time-consuming and expensive, and it requires constant funding. Considering that financial experts of the company are mainly focused on cryptocurrency trade, capital assets are concentrated on trading accounts of different currency exchanges: OKCoin, Bitfinex, EXMO, Cex.io and others. The high volatility of Bitcoin allows to increase profitability and provide excellent returns. However, mining also continues to be potentially profitable, this is why we offer our customers to become a part of a larger pool of investors. In contrast to the popular offers, we do not sell the technical capacity to thereby limit the profit of investors or put them in dependence from the results of mining process. In contrast, we offer a stable accrual of fixed profits. To do this, you do not even need to wait for the end of the investment period. Your deposit is earning you profit every hour. Only the deposit amount specifies the investment period, and you can make additional deposits as you wish!.

hourcycles.com was registered in 2018 in the register of domain names, and the registration has already been submitted to the Companies House royal registrar. We will publish all necessary registration documents on our website.

Company history

The history of hourcycles.com company has its origins in the period of rapid development of the Forex market, its rapid international expansion in the late 2000s. A small team of traders from the small British town of Maidenhead, graduates of the London Business School register their first trading account, which for the first year of work brings a net profit of £ 100,000. We start creating own trading strategies, accumulating and interpreting the knowledge gained during the period of education, perfecting and adjusting them to the current market situation. In 2011, with the possibility to include a new financial instrument in the trading arsenal, traders of the company start working on cryptocurrency exchanges, and in 2013 the first Bitcoin trade brings in a million pounds.

Since 2012, a new direction - cryptocurrency mining - becomes even more profitable and hourcycles.com team begins to search for like-minded people among the graduates of technical colleges and universities. Having at the disposal a sufficient budget for the construction and organization of mining farms, traders also begin gaining profit by generating cryptocurrency.

With the fall of the market value of Bitcoin, and a significant increase in the cost of mining, we began to work for the future - not only our market analysts, but also financial experts around the world have predicted the restoration of the rule of cryptocurrency what happened in 2016.

Address Coming Soon
Phone: For VIP Investors
Director: Andrew G. Weber
Company No.: Coming Soon
D-U-N-S Number: Coming Soon
email: [email protected]

Our Statistics

Started: Oct/12/2018
Running Days: 41 days
Registered Users: 1553 members
User Deposits: $ 14,741,774.64
Profits Paid: $ 2,473,452.93
Visitors Online: 49
Last Deposit: $ 5.00 (michealbraggs)
Last Withdrawal: $ 1.78 (udr00n)
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